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​Once asked the question; "What did you take an interest in as a young child before your environment began shaping you?" After some thought I realized, the answer was babies. Caretaking. Nurturing. Being of service. 

And it never changed.​

Other sources of joy for me usually come from the simple moments like that first cup of coffee in the morning, or when I hear a little kid tell a hilariously original joke.  Family, friends, books, podcasts, philosophy, fitness, music, movement, art, health science and spirituality are some of my other interests.​

My name is Mallory Murphy and I'm a Barrie based Nanny turned Doula, professionally trained and certified with ProDoula and Doula Canada. I've found it immensely gratifying to support growing babies, kids and the family unit as a whole.​ I support my clients with an open and flexible approach that focuses on individual birthing and parenting style choices. I'm in absolute awe at the strength and resilience of parents adapting to their growing family and I think there's just no. better. gig. to. have!

The help is available- all you have to do is ask!

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